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March 16, 2012
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During my normal walks, I noticed something black on the sidewalk. It was small, which reminded me of a wallet. Reaching down to grab it. It was a nice wallet. It was smooth leather like lambskin. Opening it up, there was no identification cards whatsoever, only a few bucks and a crumpled up envelope. I raised an eyebrow as I pulled it out. The stamp date was from 2001, almost 10 years ago. Wonder what in the world it is doing inside of the wallet. So I pulled it out very carefully and undid the flap. It was a letter. It was from someone named (Name) to a man named Kiku Honda. Flipping the envelope over, I saw the address, it wasn't too far from where I was. It was still light out, I need to give this person's wallet back. I assume it belonged to this Kiku man. As I walked, I re-read the letter. It is rather romantic, the woman (name) is basically pouring her heart out to him. I could almost cry, I just wonder if he ever came back to her. It sounded like he was going away for awhile, I hope he came back to her. Yes I am a sap for romantic stories...Anyway, I made my way to the address, it lead me to an old Victorian house. I walked to the door and slowly knocked on it. Standing there for a bit but no one came, as I was walking away the door opened and probably the prettiest woman came out with paint all over her.

"I am so sorry! I didn't hear the door!" The woman said, slightly out of breath, probably from running down the stairs inside the house.

"It is ok Ma'am. My name is Heather and I found this letter inside of a wallet. I hope you can tell me how I can return it to the original owner." I said in the highest respects. I held the letter out to the woman. She sighed and gave a small sad smile. So she is (Name), from the look on her face, the man didn't come back to her. Now slightly depressed, I watched the woman make a motion to sit on the porch swing of the house.

"I wrote this right before Kiku left to go back to Japan. I have heard rumor he came back but I don't want to get my hopes up. I never heard from him ever since. You know we were such close friends. He told me he liked this house. After he left, I worked my hardest to get this house and remodel it. I never got married, no one could compare to the kindness and the love Kiku gave me. I still don't know if he ever felt the same way..." She sighed, a small tear made a streak down her cheek. I couldn't help myself and I ended up grabbing her hand and gave a small squeeze.

"I am going to return this to him and I'll tell him you are here." I said, now determined to get these two to at least see each other. He has to be in town in order for the wallet and the letter to be around. I normally don't care about stuff like this but this was too romantic to ignore! I have been around Francis too much...Curse the Frenchman...

"Thank you. You are a good person." She gave me a look of hope. Now I have to.

"It is my pleasure and the right thing to do." With that I walked off the porch and flipped out my phone. Calling 411 also known as customer directory, I answered the apporpraite questions. It told me that Kiku's place of residence is about 4 miles away. Damn me for being a nice person...So I started to walk towards the address.

~~Time Skipth~~

I finally showed up at the address...I really need to work out more...Anyway, I stood up straight and knocked on the suburban house with a picket fence. I heard a soft padding of feet and the door slid open. A wo-man he is totally a guy...even though he looks like a girl...with red oriental clothes and a panda stuffed animal. I totally forgot my voice for a sec..

"Hello aru~ Can I help you?" The Chinese man answered, still clutching on to the Panda bear.

"Uh....yes. I am looking for a man named Kiku Honda? I have something of his. I found it on the sidewalk." I held up the wallet, making sure that the letter didn't fall out of it.

"WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS ARU!!! THANK YOU!!" He all of the sudden started yelling, I almost jumped out of my skin. Another person rolled on scene, a shorter male with short brownish black and dull brown eyes. There wasn't emotion on his face but his demeanor seemed annoyed as hell. What can I say? I am good at reading people. Even though the guy yelling looks slightly like a girl...

"Yao.What are you yerring about?" The other male said, finally reaching the door.

"This nice woman found your wallet!!" Yao snatched the wallet from me and held it up in happiness.

"I'm Heather...I found (Name) by the way." I tried to slip that piece of information but apparently that was not going to work in my favor...Silence. Kinda freaked me out to be honest. The other male, Kiku, just stared at me. I felt an attention blush spread over my pale cheeks as I messed with my blonde hair. He looked shocked. Yao had a weird ass smile...I am not sure about the story behind it and I really don't care to know. I took a couple of steps back and was very much prepared to run away. Then he bowed with light blush to match. Appalled by the gesture, I have never bowed to me...

"Thank you for returning my wallet. The retter means a rot to me." He said, still blushing.

"I really did see her. I can take you to her if you like." I offered, but I think I was a little too blunt for my own good. He stood there, not sure what to say. Yao scowled and seemed very tempted to smack him in the head.

"He has been sulking for ten years..I think it is very nice of you to offer my kid brother that." Yao said to me, a smile along with it.

"Hai." Kiku agreed.

"How does she look aru?" Yao asked, ushering me into the house.

"To be honest, very hectic but very pretty." I answered. Kiku stood there, lost in his own thoughts. Aww...he is probably thinking about her. Gah why can't this romantic things happen to me?! During my mental rant, he apparently got his jacket on and put his shoes on. Way to go me.....I didn't notice all of that was happening....Anyway, he took a deep breath and asked me to take him to her. I was more than happy to do it. Now that my breath is back. So I led the way, he was very quiet as he walked next to me. Which is what I expected. I am not one for conversation myself. The sun was just about to set by the time we got back to the old Victorian house. I finally noticed it was painted a light yellow color with white trim. That is what I imagined my house to look like. As I passed through the gate, I saw Kiku pause.

"She will be happy to see you sir. I promise you." I tried to reassure him.

"Thank you Heather-san." He said, walking in step with me.

"Right on." I said walking next to him up to the door. I reached up and knocked. Kiku was shaking slightly and looked like he was going to pass the f out. I couldn't blame him thought. This cannot be easy for him. I nodded and gave a comforting smile. He nodded in response. What happened next was just a blur. From what I can gather, (Name) saw Kiku and just about tackled him to the ground. Then she realized what she had done was making him uncomfortable, she instantly let him go.

"It is wonderful to see you Kiku. I missed you so much!" Tears streamed down her face, making me want to cry too.

"I missed you too (Name)-san." He said, face a nice tomato color. They stood there in silence, quite awkward mind you, especially for me. No one moved. I was afraid to move, breaking the contact they were having. It was rather sweet to see the affection as the looked at each other. Sappy huh? But it happened. I couldn't help but to feel happy for them. (Name) opened the door wider and made a motion for Kiku and I to come in. Once we were inside, the smell of paint still hung in the air; Kiku and I followed (Name) into the sitting room. The sun was burning the sky. They stood at the window for awhile, not too close to each other and not saying a damn word. I need to leave...they need time together alone. Then the sweetest thing happened, making the sappy romantic side of me squeal with joy. He moved closer to her and kissed her forehead. It wasn't much but it was in a way that made you want to cry in joy. Slowly I snuck out of the house, leaving a note that wished them the best of luck and to keep in touch.

About 3 months later, I received a wedding invitation.
Well I finally got this done!!!! Actually this isn't the one I intended to give to my dear friend but hopefully she likes this one. I am the narrator. Normally I wouldn't but in this story, I had to. This is based on a real even execpt the couple was like 70 something years old. It is so adorable!! I feel like I failed on this to be honest.....

The warning that I had to post from one of the readers.

Warning, this insert contains copious amounts of Kiku Honda. Fans with heart conditions are advised not to look directly at him. This also applies to fans without heart conditions. He's very cute.

This was a month overdue request for the nicest people I met on here. :iconkandalavisasukeriku:

Here is the [link] to the orginial story. I am tellin y'all this is so cute~

Thanks for readin!

Image: [link]
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violentluck Jan 31, 2013  Student Writer
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Thats adorable
violentluck Nov 14, 2012  Student Writer
Why thank ya kindly :D
This is so beautiful. ; v ;
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