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April 8, 2012
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In the middle of a World Meeting, while England and France are fighting and America being the oblivious idiot, Sweden sat in his suffering silence. One woman has been torturing the poor man. Running his fingers though his hair, his mind raced. Sweden knew three things.

One: (Name) are everything for him.

Two: He would do just about anything, all she should do is ask. He would do it.

Three: She would never think of him the same way.

Yeah, many think he is homosexual. Up until a few months ago, he was. Then the happy accident that flip[ped his whole world. When (Name) entered his life. She was late for the meeting literally running into him. Of course it didn't do much to him, just caused him to take a step back and wonder what the heck happened. Her face had to of been sculpted by an angel. At that moment, his heart was no longer his. It sped up so harshly, he didn't even hear her apologize until she was already gone. Come to find out, her name is (name) of the Republic of ________, a new found island. She completely raised herself and very well off on her own. Even now, her voice haunts his dreams, his thoughts. At first he tried to fight it, but after talking to Finland about it, he was in shell-shock. How can he go from being as gay as they can be to straight from one accident? Eventually the rest of the Nordics found out about it. He didn't care that Norway or his brother knew about it. Denmark, however, really pissed him off about the whole thing. Not to mention childish. It was chaos really, Sweden got mad enough that he KO'd him with one punch. The more he was around her, the more he wanted to be the one to be at her side. Forever. (Name) became friends with all of them, so she was always around, much to his delight and despair. Sweden was stuck in the middle. He loved it when she was around but his heart was pound so much and he almost goes into a fit of nervousness that he couldn't stand it. Loving her is almost killing him.

Speaking of his angel, (Name) had a smile on her face as she waited for her other friends to show up. It lit up his whole world. Yes he is pathetic, he has admitted it to himself long ago. Her hair shore in the light from the windows, her eyes connected with his blue ones. All of his air felt like lead in his lungs. Instead of being creeped out for the fact he was staring at her for God-knows how long, she smiled at him and waved. Giving a nod in response, he tried to calm his heart. It pounded against his ribs, as if it wanted to jump out towards her.  Only if he could tell her. Tell (Name) is his whole world. That he loved her more than life itself. But he maintained his silence.

"You should talk to her Su-san. It least it would be a start." Finland said with an encouraging smile.

"Yeah! You cannot be in a relationship unless-" Denmark never finished his sentence for he is too busy being strangled by Norway. Sweden grunted and found a new interested on a spot on the table. He knew they were right. So he stood up and walked outside of the door. Of course, he didn't notice that (Name) was watching him the whole time.
Once outside, Sweden leaned against the wall and tried to think of something to say. His mind was drawing a blank. He obviously didn't want to tell her that he wanted to be the one she ran to when she was upset or scared. To be the one for her. That would make it awkward for one and he honestly couldn't hear himself saying it. The door opened, causing his rapid thoughts came to a screeching halt. Trying to make it seem like he wanted to get away from everyone, which is more or less true.

"Berwald?" His eyes went wide and trained themselves to the source. He gave her a grunt in response.

"I was wondering why you are out here by yourself." She said, leaning against the same wall. Again, his heart begin to race.

"'t t'' l'ud." It was more or less true…She nodded, scooting closer to him.

"I understand." They stood in silence for awhile. (Name) seemed rather comfortable at his side,

" ' w'nt t' b' th' 'n' f'r  y'u." He found himself saying out loud, much to his horror. Every curse word he has ever known blared in his head like crappy rap music in a club. He couldn't believe he said it out loud! This has NEVER happened to him. Thankfully, he didn't show his distress on the outside where she can see. He just stared at the ground but then she occupied the space. (Name) looked at him  and a small sweet smile on her face.

"You already are." (name) stood on her tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. Pure bliss in his mind. They ignored the cheers that was currently going on. He will have to kill the Idiot later...
I made him such a lovestruck sap....I am so sorry Sweden! Anyway, I happen to be listening to this song called 'Heartsick' by Engel...which ironically happens to be a Swedish band. Here is the [link] for it. Yeah it is based a little on it...but not quite...I hope y'all liked it...even tho I butchered Sweden's personality hardcore...first time ever writing him. This is not the orginal one I was going to post, my plot bunny abandoned that story...I own nothing.

:iconpikachupanda: I hope you liked it hun...
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